Richard Mille - RM 50-03

Lightness and super resistance

7,5,000, 40, 1,0980,000, 10, 200... These confusing numbers do not match those of Swiss bank accounts, but they reveal the main characteristics of Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 50-03 Some clues to McLaren F1. Richard Mille RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams.The new RM 50-03, created in cooperation with British Formula One racing manufacturer McLaren, incorporates the latest innovations in the latest high-tech materials and technologies in the world's most powerful racing chassis. in conclusion? This French brand enhances its catalog with the world's lightest mechanical chronograph.

7 grams! This is the incredible weight of the RM 50-03 movement, combined with a tourbillon and a double rattrapante chronograph. This incredible lightness is reiterated throughout the timepiece. The weight of RM 50-03 is less than 40 grams (including strap). By combining grade 5 titanium, carbon TPT and nanomaterial graphene, this supernatural use can be achieved. The frame and the bottom cover also use TPT diagrams-carbon TPT with graphene injection. The characteristic of this composite material is its unique quality. It is six times lighter than steel, but 200 times more resistant. Graphene is also injected into the belt to make it more elastic and wear-resistant. This mixture of materials gives the watch unprecedented resistance. It can withstand accelerations of up to 5,000 G. If the meter falls from a height of one meter on a hard wooden surface (according to the ISO 1413 standard) at a speed of 4.43 m/s, it will suffer vibration.

However, without the traditional craftsmanship of watchmakers, technology will accomplish nothing. And, in this case, the final details of the hollow and fine watchmaking are explained. Smooth, polished, satin finish and other subtle sporty touches are all carefully finished by hand. Each PVD-coated grade 5 titanium alloy hollow dial requires more than three hours of chamfering and polishing. The entire movement has been redesigned and enhanced to provide the power required to drive the countless color indicators on the dial side, chronograph, power reserve (total 70 hours) and torque sensor. For the owner/wearer, the work done also ensures that the watch is absolutely user-friendly and completely risk-free.breitling transocean replica

The part numbered 75 will be delivered in a 1:5 scale 2017 McLaren F1 model. Leonardo da Vinci declared: "Simplicity is the ultimate form of complexity.

Richard Mille – RM 11-03 automatic flyback chronograph

RM 011 disappeared: Long live RM 11-03!

After ten years of loyal service, one of the stars of the Richard Mille watch series has been replaced by the sporty RM 11-03 Automatic Flyback Chronograph inspired by motorsports.

Any product, even the best product, exists almost like us: birth, life and death. There is no need to make everything dramatic: this is perfectly normal, especially when this watch by Richard Mille is not dead or buried. It has been replaced by a redesigned version, which has a more realistic silhouette and is incompatible with the classic "marketing product" style. The facelift not only means that it meets modern standards and breathes new life into the series, but also stands out in the so-called "lifestyle" sports model. Not surprisingly, the RM 11-03 automatic flyback chronograph is not completely lacking in sports features! replica men watches

Its self-winding RMAC3 skeleton movement is a miniature 3D artwork that combines sculpture and painting. The titanium plate and the metal lace woven on the bridge enhance the color through four contrasting colors: pure white, grass green, electric yellow and bright red. The two large rose gold hands in the center are inlaid with a sparkling luminous coating, sliding on the hollow white hour numerals, and accurately displaying the minutes on the carbon fiber chapter ring. The copper tip flyback chronograph seconds hand is connected to them. The date information is as follows: the extra-large date is 12 and the month is 4.30. The display of these three counters is as follows: 3 places are seconds, 6 places are timing hours, and 9 places are 60 minutes.

The movement with a 55-hour power reserve fits snugly in the barrel-shaped rose gold case. The case is 49.94 mm long, 44.5 mm wide and 16.5 mm thick. It is fixed in three parts by 20 titanium splines.replica luxury watches

Richard Mille – RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal was born in Mallorca in 1986. Tennis experts consider him to be one of the best professional players on clay. His recognition is as impressive as his perseverance and perseverance. His encounter with Richard Mille in 2008 gave rise to a series of the same name. Its timepieces are distinguished by their innovative technical features, light weight and high shock resistance, just like the new RM 35- 02 Rafael Nadal is the same.

Its red Quartz-TPT® barrel-shaped case has several layers of filaments and is sealed with a special resin. Inside is equipped with a self-winding skeletonized RMAL1 movement, which provides power for the time function and 55-hour power reserve.replica Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G Watches

The heart of the mechanical parts suddenly jumped out of the triple hollow hands to track the hours, minutes and seconds around the red hour edge on the black carbon fiber bezel.

RICHARD MILLE RM 07-01 ladies watch

The core of the new watch is the new CRMA2 movement independently designed by the brand. This self-winding movement has a high skeleton design and is specially built for RM 07-01. Both the bottom plate and bridge plate of CRMA2 are made of grade 5 titanium alloy. The movement carries a variable inertia balance wheel to maintain precise performance in long-term use. There is also a 5N 18K red gold variable geometry automatic disc. The movement of the reader is adjusted to achieve the optimal effect of high-speed rotation of the barrel. The new RM patented crown replaces the traditional system; the crown is no longer directly connected to the internal machinery, so it will not be loose or damaged, and it can perfectly withstand various harsh environments in daily life.hublot replica

This timepiece achieves an ideal balance between performance and potential. The RM 07-01 has a power reserve of approximately 50 hours, which is an extraordinary achievement among ladies' watches. You can appreciate the beauty of super mechanical craftsmanship through the hollow design of the movement. The balance wheel is located at 6 o'clock. The movement has been processed with high specifications such as wire drawing, chamfering and polishing. The deep black PVD coating treatment and the structure is extremely exquisite. The bottom plate and bridge plate have a panoramic view.

If RM 07-01 relies on the ultimate perfection of mechanical craftsmanship and brilliance, then the smooth and graceful lines displayed by the barrel-shaped case design and the dial with gems in the center are even more unforgettable. The drop-shaped time scale and the lines of the movement contrast with each other, fully interpreting Richard Mille's watchmaking approach in the 21st century.

As the first of the Richard Mille ladies' watch series, the three-layer case of the RM 07-01 is available in white ATZ ceramic and warm brown TZP ceramic - both have a red gold main case, forming a gorgeous visual contrast. And carried out a very high anti-scratch protection treatment-there are also 18K red gold or platinum models. The RM 07-01 watch has a size of 45.66 mm x 31.40 mm x 11.85 mm, which can add extra touch to your wrist on any occasion.Rado TRUE replica watches

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